Yes…We have many reasons to celebrate and we want you to join us!


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are finalizing the CD graphics for our new album “Heart Beats.” It is scheduled for early February release, both in hard copy CD and on line digital distribution. This is our lyrical, instrumental album of favorite original songs. From piano solos, to piano plus strings, to marimba plus guitar plus steel pan, to sax plus piano, to “Everybody In,” we’ve spent time selecting and recording just the right mix of instrumental voices to fully express the “heartbeat” of each song.

Sheri Bill Brandy Ian Gezebo

 Sheri Bill Brandy Ian Gezebo WEB


This weekend we also started filming our new music video for “Missing You” (listen to “Missing You”   and   read Lyrics to Missing You”). With perfect weather this past Sunday, our Director Gregory Barron of Video Photo Studio, set up an all day shoot with three different locations in downtown historic Roswell. We are the balladeers and narrators singing the story in the background, as the story unfolds around us.             
We Sing 4 Food 15


Which all leads to why we’re sending you this email: We truly appreciate your encouragement and appreciation of our musical journey, and we want you to come celebrate the release of our new CD “Heart Beats” and our new music video “Missing You!”  Here are the details:

Sheri & Bill “We Sing For Food” 

March 26th @2pm 

New Dawn Theater, Duluth GA 
Doors open at 1:30 and our show will start promptly at 2pm.

We will perform a 1 hour “Musical Journey” of our original music, our music videos, and a mix of a few favorite medleys we have created from artists who have influenced our musical journey.

We also want to let you meet some of the terrific folks who have helped us on this continuing journey: musicians who have played on some of our recorded songs, Root Cellar Studio owner, Rob Kuhlman, and our Videographer and Video Director, Greg Barron, just to name a few!

Last but not least, we will have CAKE for everyone to help celebrate Bill’s birthday. And Bill has decided he will give all our guests a gift – a free copy of “Heart Beats”!

Please join us! Seating is limited  — RSVP SOON at New Dawn Theater website!

Price is just a $5 per person donation at the door…all proceeds go to Gwinnett County Food Pantries.


See you there! We duet, better as we go! Sheri & Bill